Virginian Railway
Being rebuilt through the Appalachians in O Scale in Fort Worth, Texas

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Layout Plan

The room is essentially an empty attic over part of the house and garage. Dimensions are roughly 50' long x 24' wide (the wider top of the "T" is over the garage). The layout is an "around-the-wall" plan, with the stairway entering the open area in the middle.

Follow the lines carefully and you can follow the main line (2nd track in from the center in the yard area) as it leaves the yard and (go to the right) through the "junction" and along the far side of the river along the cliffs at Eggleston. The track merges with one entrance to staging (the 3 tracks at the far top) and climbs a 1% grade. Follow the dotted line where the main is on top of the staging and crosses the river on a long truss bridge and then several plate girder bridges (New River crossing), and starts down a 1.5% grade. At the right side of the room is the other entrance to staging. The main curves and goes though the junction to follow the near side of the river and around to re-enter the yard.

The inner track is a "branch line" that is actually a second loop. The red 3x5 card has a 2x4 inch opening to help plan the most efficient cutting of plywood sheets for subroadbed.

Minimum radius: main line: 90"; branch line: 72"

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