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February 2nd, 2011

Gosh, it has been nine months since I posted the initial entry. Some significant progress has been made. I wish it was a lot more, but as for most of us, work and family take the bulk of the available time. But I've told myself that in two years, December 2012, when I write the last tuition check for the youngest kid, that I would really cut back at work.

During 2010 tracklaying remained the major job. Rails are now laid in both directions on all tracks radiating from the junction. Tracks and turnouts at both yard throats of the double ended yard are now completed. I will be adding some photos of these sections shortly.

The largest job now ahead is building the bridges over the river (see layout plan) for both the main and the branch line. Since both river crossings are a series of bridges (both deck and truss, so I can't simply build the bridges upside down. They are too long for that anyway). Any suggestions about how to keep track level through a series of different type of bridges built on a curve?

A Sunset 2-10-10-2 has been added to the roster (a review of the engine was submitted to OST).

Posted by Michael Ross

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