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Being rebuilt through the Appalachians in O Scale in Fort Worth, Texas

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March 19th, 2010

Because of the clay rich soil that does not drain well, homes in Dallas-Fort Worth area of North Texas are built without basements (and those with basements are wet or even flood with heavy rains). Most layouts are built in attics, outbuildings, or in spare rooms. With the kids growing up and leaving home, my wife and I "downsized." We built a smaller home but with a bigger train room! After about one year of planning, the O Scale Virginian has been under construction in a large, empty second floor since 1995.

The basic plan is an around the wall design. Currently trains run twice around before returning to start, a distance of about 250 ft. When the main line is completed, the run will be three times around for a distance of roughly 350 ft. Trains climb a maximum grade of 1.25%.

The only scenery so far is a short section of yard trackage done to try different techniques. Once trackwork is complete and functioning without major problems, the scenery will be added.

Posted by Michael Ross

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