Virginian Railway
Being rebuilt through the Appalachians in O Scale in Fort Worth, Texas

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About the Railway

The premise for the rebuilt Virginian in Fort Worth, Texas, is that the Virginian Railway was never purchased by or really dissolved into that "other railroad." In fact, currently there are no locomotives or cars from that other railroad on the layout. The whole story of the Virginian's demise is attributed to corrupt politicians.

The Virginian survived into 2011. Along the main line and in the valleys of West Virginia there remained cadre of experienced steam engine mechanics who passed on their knowledge to another generation of dedicated craftsman. The Virginian's well maintained roster of steam locomotives more than adequately met the requirements for moving coal out of the mountains, and avoided the expenses of having to purchase a completely new roster.

Business increased as the Virginian hauled more and more through freight between the West and Mid-west to the East Coast. Some modern diesel power now supplements the older power. Expect to see some modern diesel power and double stack freights crossing the Appalachians behind both Virginian steam and diesel engines. And long strings of Virginian "battleship" gondolas and smaller hoppers still haul West Virginia coal over the mountains.

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